Civil War Monument

Rock Island County Civil War Monument

The Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department, in conjunction with the Rock Island County Historical Society and the Civil War Roundtable of the Quad Cities, are in the process of raising funds for a restoration project. The Civil War Soldiers’ Monument, which is situated on the northeast corner of the Rock Island County Courthouse lawn, is in dire need of repair.

How to Help:

You make a donation to honor the fallen of Rock Island County. All donations are accepted, and are tax-deductible. Adopt A Rock Island County Civil War Soldier can be completed by a donation of $50. A certificate will be given to donor with the name of solider adopted from the monument.

Make Checks Payable to:
“Rock Island County Historical Society”
C/O Civil War Soldiers’ Monument
Restoration Project
P.O. Box 3384
Rock Island, Illinois 61204

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Below is the a list of names that are on the monument

This list contains all of the known names on the monument in alphabetical order. The names in red are probable brothers. Be advised that the names have been in print several times over the years and the spellings are sometimes not the same as what is on the monument.

Adams, John Q.
Aldredge, Perry
Allen, George W.
Allen, Martin V.
Anderson, Andrew brothers
Anderson, Jacob
Anderson, John A.
Anthoine, John
Arculavius, Henry also spelled “Argularius”
Armstrong, Robert

Ballard, Leroy
Bancher, Lewis
Bangs, Walter
Bank, Lawson
Banks, Andrew
Bardwell, James
Bayer, Mark
Beardsley, Elisha I.
Beatty, John
Beaver, Moses S
Beck, John
Beeney, Thomas A. brothers
Beeney, William T.
Bell, Moses
Benjamin, Samuel F.
Bennett, John
Bigelow, Opher A.
Bing, Alfred
Bishop, William
Blair, Joseph F.
Blair, Frederick
Bland, William
Bowker, Levi
Bowser, James
Bowes, Francis
Boyle, James
Brandenburgh, William K.
Brayton, Joseph
Brewer, Jesse W.
Bringhnan, William also spelled “Bringham”
Brown, Jasper N.
Brown, John P.
Bruce, Jacob
Bruner, Samuel F.
Buckley, James
Buford, John
Buford, Napolean
Burns, Edmund
Byerly, Amos E.    brother of John Byerly
Byerly, John         brother of Amos
Byerly, Noah

Cahill, John
Campbell, Samuel
Canada, Walter O.
Cannon, Francis
Carter, William H.
Cathcart, Robert  John and Robert were not brothers
Cathcart, John W.  also spelled “Catheart”, “Carthcart” and “Cathgart”
Cavanaugh, William S.
Charleston, Nelson P.
Clarke, Henry B.
Colburn, Henry
Cole, Charles H.
Cole, Robert
Conlogue, Peter
Connor, Edward
Conroy, Patrick
Cook, James
Cooney, Michael
Cossuw, Harold
Couch, Henry also spelled “Cough”
Cox, Isaac D.
Cox, Washington R.
Crandel, Wilder M.
Cranz, George W. also spelled “Krans”|
Crooks, William
Crowell, J. C.|
Cumston, Jonathan
Cunningham, Patrick

Daley, Samuel F.
Darrah, Charles T.
Davis, John L.
Davis, William
Day, Robert
Deal, Samuel
Dean, Joel
DeBaum, Henry
Devinney, John W.
Dillon, Levi
Dillon, Mathew
Dorman, Andrew   also spelled “Donnan”
Dougal, Henry
Dover, Dewitt
Downer, John
Driggers, Isham
Drury, William S. or T. ?????
Dudley, Josiah W.
Dunlap, William Dunn, George
Dunn, William P.  should be “Dumm”

Eaton, Joseph
Eberhardt, Charles K.
Essex, Joseph A.
Etherton, Moses
Evans, Edward F.

Fender, Jacob
Finley, George
Fisher, Bardwell K.
Fitzpatrick, Patrick
Folsom, William B.
Forealius, Frederick
Forrest, James
Fortner, George L.
Fowler, Thomas
Fox, John H.
Frazier, Joseph
Freeman, Francis M.
Frells, William H.   also spelled “Frels”

Garton, Stemple
Gere, Levi D.
Gibson, Henry T.
Gibson, John A. S.
Giles, William
Gitchell, Alonzo
Goldsby, William H. H.
Goodman, Adam
Gough, David
Gould, Robert
Graham, George  brothers
Graham, Smith
Grant, McIntosh A.
Gregg, James   brother of William P.
Gregg, Samuel might be a brother of James and William
Gregg, William P. brother of James
Griffin, PatrickGriffin, Robert

Hagan, John
Halcomb, Jasper also spelled “Holcomb”
Haley, Alex T.
Hampton, James F. brothers
Hampton, William H.
Han, John B.
Hardy, Andrew
Hays, Jesse
Hayes, James
Hazelton, John
Hedges, Samuel D
Heflin, Edwin R.
Heges, Dayton
Heisel, George N.
Heisel, Peter
Henderson, William C.
Henni, Christian
Hennigan, James P.
Hibbard, Alden A. also spelled “Hillard”
Hoenecke, Charles A.
Hoffman, George H. also spelled “Huffman”
Hohn, James W.
Howard, James W. also known as “James K. Howard”
Howard, John T.
Hunter, Andrew
Huntley, Raynor K. also spelled “Huntly”
Huntley, Russell
Hurst, William H.
Huskins, Joseph

Jacobs, William
Jenkins, George    brother of Henry
Jenkins, Henry H. also spelled “Jinkins”
Johnson, H. P.
Johnson, John
Jones, Daniel T. brother of John O.
Jones, John H.
Jones, John O.   brother of Daniel T.

Kearns, George H.
Keith, George P.
Kelso, John W.
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Thomas
King, Alexander
Kline, Henry also spelled “Cline”
Klink, George
Kressell, John

Landreth, Andrew     brothers
Landreth, Clisbey
Langan, Patrick
Lansdown, Kisor A.
Larson, Bengt
Lavary, George W.
Lawson, Emery
Lequott, William
Leslie, Alexander M.
Lewis, Thomas
Linborn, Charles
Linn, isaac
Little, William
Lindan, Andrew C. H.
Looker, James M.
Lorenz, Frederick also spelled “Lorens”
Lunn, Levi
Lyford, Eugene A.

Mahim, J. Wesley also spelled “John Wesley Mahin”
Maloy, Thomas   also spelled “Malloy”
Markle, Jacob C.   might be same person as “Muckle, Jacob L.”
Marshall, Andrew B.
Marshall, Benjamin
Marshall, Henry
Martin, Thomas
Martindale, Thomas H. is there a Martindale, John H. ???
Mathews, Thomas J.
Maxwell, Jesse   possible brother to Samuel
Maxwell, Samuel   possible brother to Jesse
McCall, Thomas P.
McBride, Wilson
McClure, Henry T.
McDaniels, William also spelled “McDaniel”
McGrew, Hezekiah R.
McIntire, Lawson
McNull, Enos  also spelled “McNall”
McNutt, James H.
Mead, Alfred H.
Mead, George
Mee, William H.
Meehan, Daniel
Melvin, Jonathan
Merrill, Franklin S.
Michner, Joseph
Miller, Henry
Miller, Jeremiah
Miller, Louis
Miller, Thomas
Miller, Thomas J.
Miller, Westley also known as “Miller Westby”
Mills, George  probable brother to William H.
Mills, William H. probable brother to George
Mink, John H.
Minor, Martin L.
Mire, Adam also spelled “Meir”
Misne, Sylvester E. also spelled “Misner”
Mock, Valentine
Morris James F.
Muckle, Jacob L. might be Markle, Jacob C.
Muller, Henry
Mulligan, Dennie
Mumford, John H. also spelled as “Monfort”
Mumford, John W.
Mumma, Samuel
Murphy, Anthony probable brother of Thomas
Murphy, Thomas J. probable brother of Anthony
Muse, John W.

Naylor, Henry P.
Nourse, Wilson   might be William instead of Wilson

Odell, Benjamin F.
Oliver, John
Oliver, Josiah
O’Mara, Michael
Oppendick, John
Otto, Henry probable brothers
Otto, John
Overmeyer, Jonas C.
Owens, Owen

Padgett, Lewis W.
Patterson, William
Peppers, William H.
Pesha, Lewis
Peterson, Andrew
Petty, James
Philleo, Russell C.
Prescott, Jeremiah S.
Pugh, William

Rathbun, George …. George and Lord are probable brothers, also spelled “Rathborne” and “Rathburn”
Rathbun, Lord M.
Rathburn, Homer D. Homer is not a brother, also spelled “Rathbun”
Ray, George
Raymond, Samuel J.
Reckman, Frederick H.
Reed, William J.
Reid, James G.
Reeves, Van V.
Reynolds, William H.
Roberts, Isaac N.
Rodgers, James M.
Rosette, Theodore

Saddler, William B. also spelled “Sadler”
Salmonson, John also spelled “Solmonson”
Sanders, Oscar N.
Sayer, William A.
Sayles, James A.
Schachter, David
Schultz, Charles
Schultz, John H.
Scott, Charles E.
Scott, James
Scott, William M.
Semortier, Jacob
Severson, Elbert
Seward, Lester
Shackeller, Christian
Shadle, John
Shannon, John
Sheperd, James … also spelled as “Shepard”
Sickles, Hiram F.
Simpson, James G.
Skipper, James L.
Smith, Harrison    probable brother to James
Smith, Ira G.
Smith, James       Probable brother to Harrison
Smith, Philip
Snowdon, George
Snyder, Henry probably father/son or uncle/nephew
Snyder, Samuel
South, Thomas B.
Stanley, John
Stanley, William
Stearns, Mahlon A.
Stephens, David  probable brother to William L.
Stephens, William L. also spelled “Stephen”
Stout, John B.
Street, JacobSturdivan, George

Taylor, John
Temple, Edward B.
Templeton, Porter
Ternstedt, Victor also spelled “Ternstadt”
Thomas, Martin
Thompson, Francis W.
Thompson, William C. might be William G.
Tobin, John
Trovillo, Shepley H.
Tuerler, Louis
Tucker, John
Tumblin, Andrew

Underwood, David B.

Valentine, James  brothers
Valentine, William H.
Vanmeter, David  probable father of Lewilliam
Van Meter, Llewellyn S. also spelled “Lewilliam S Vanmeter”, probable son of David
Vincent, Thomas W.
Volkel, George

Walker, William S.
Wallace, Henry
Warnecke, John A.
Watts, Francis
Weaver, Addison
Weaver, Alexander
Webster, Shelden M.
Weller, Ross
Wetzel, Jacob also spelled “Witsel”
Wetzel, John C. also spelled “Whitsel”
Wharton, John S.
Whitehead, Irving  brothers
Whitehead, William H. brothers
Whitney, Jonas
Whitson, John T.
Wilford, Shadrack
Williams, Isaac K. probable brother to Peter
Williams, John J. also spelled “John I.”
Williams, Llewellyn
Williams, Peter     probable brother to Isaac
Williamson, John P. also known as “Jacob P.” probable brother of Thomas
Williamson, Thomas  probable brother of John
Wille, Gottfreit
Willis, Kendall
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Robert
Wolf, Henry
Wolfertz, Hermann
Womacks, Albert  brothers  also spelled as ”Wamacks”
Womacks, Thomas P.
Wood, Wellington
Wright, Joel

Yalton, Lyman
Youlin, Elijah
Young, Daniel E.
Young, Samuel