Meet Our Board

RICIGS Officers and Committees

Vice-President: Debra Van Sant
Secretary: Betty Hagberg
Treasurer: Judi McDowell
Corresponding Secretary: Julie Vogel
Member-at-Large 2018: Kathy Elliott
Member-at-Large 2019: Pat McCoy
Member-at-Large 2020: Kathy Holmgrem

Committee Chairs

Cemetery Updates: open
Computer Interest: Julie Vogel
Conference: Beth Hoffman, Shay & Kathy Elliott, Judi McDowell
Education: Linda Polich, Linda Walker, Lorraine Hathaway, Pat McCoy, Beth Hoffman, Betty Hagberg
FGS Delegate: Linda Polich
Fundraising: Linda Polich
Funeral Card Indexing: Jan McKenzie
Historian: Linda Walker
Historian Emeritus: Delmar Moore
Librarian: Debra Van Sant
Newspaper Abstracting: Debra Van Sant
Obituary Indexing: Linda Walker
Publication Sales: Betty Hagberg
Quarterly Editor: Julie Vogel
Quarterly Mailing: Shay & Kathy Elliott
Queries & Research: Deb Van Sant
Registered Agent / Mailing: Beth Hoffman
Registrar: Marilyn Mix

If you would like to contact any of the RICIGS Officers or Committee Chairs, fill out the contact form to the right and we will forward your message.